Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Singer :-Jagtar Brar
Song :- Kudiye
Album :- Tere Naam
Music :- Raj Brar
Producer :- Mukesh Kumar
Lyics :- Meet Gurnaam
Presentation :- Raj Brar
Video:- Taaj { HF }
Punjabi Music
Punjab, a beautiful tiny place on earth, lies in North-West India and North-East Pakistan. The culture of Punjab is very rich in every sense by the ages. Today the one of biggest trait of Punjab is music, Punjabi music. Punjabi folk music is highly rhythmic and very diverse. The contemporary Punjabi music not just enriched by mixing up new tunes and beats of foreign music to Punjabi music but it is extremely enriched by its origin. Though, new dimensions have been added to folk Punjabi music, in order to make Punjabi music an International music. Punjabi people are very hard working and possessive, Punjabi music artist and singers do hard work and researches on music.

Kudiye Full Song - Jagtar Brar


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